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10th Degree Black Belt Grandmaster Instructor Massan Ghorbani welcomes you
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Learn a gentle and effective mixed style of SinMoo Hapkido, Karate strikes, Kickboxing combinations and pad work, Grappling, Street self defence, Katas, Musical forms and oriental weapons (Nunchakus, long stick, short stick, sword, cane and ropes).

Learn and practice SinMoo Hapkido Martial Arts, Ultimate Kickboxing, Mix Martial Arts, Ladies only Kickboxing, Escrima Philipino Martial arts, also Meditations/Mindfulness, oriental weapons and philosophy.
Some of benefits are increased self esteem, positive outlook, will power, courage, focuse, awareness, skill, speed, strength, suppleness and stamina.
Enjoy a clean, safe, relaxed and friendly atmosphere in our academy and classes, make new friends and enjoy a new and healthy sets of skills/courrier and/or hobby. 
Competitive training for children and adults are available for anyone who would desire to compete but sparring and competing is not compulsory in Masters Temple. our main focus is on health, fitness, selfe defence, martial arts skills, character building and life skills as well as developing professional meditation and martial arts black belts master instructors and leaders World wide. 
We currently offer exciting classes for Children as young as age 3 to 14 and Older Teens & Adult’s(age 15 and up) in styles listed below;

Ultimate Kickboxing

Sin Moo Hapkido Martial Arts

Meditation & Mindfulness

Ladies Only Ultimate Kickboxing Girls in Gloves

Philippines Martial Arts Escrimma

Mixed Martial Arts MMA

Morning Adults Classes