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10th Degree Black Belt Grandmaster Instructor Massan Ghorbani welcomes you
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  • 1Uniform must be kept clean and worn according to individual classes
  • 2Respect must be given to Senior Instructors (Sensei) and they must be addressed as such or by title "Sir".
  • 3Students must stand to attention when being spoken to or speaking to instructors.
  • 4No jewelry to be worn during training (rings, earrings, watches, necklaces, etc.).
  • 5Rei (bows) must be done.
    • When entering and leaving the training room
    • When joining the class
    • To instructors
    • To training partners
    • To all seniors
    • If a foul blow is delivered to an opponent during training.
  • 6No smoking is allowed in the presence of instructors. No smoking at all for fighters.
  • 7No consumption of alcohol before training. None at all for fighters in training.
  • 8No swearing, bad manners or offensive behaviours
  • 9Students must obtain permission to leave the training room during training.
  • 10Derogatory remarks are not to be made against other martial arts and proper respect should be given to them.
  • 11All students must conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.
  • 12Students must train regularly. If there are any valid reasons why he/she cannot then the instructor must be informed.
  • 13Students must not misuse their knowledge of martial arts in a contravention of Law and Order.
A breach or these rules will be punished by
  • A warning
  • Endorsement
  • Suspension or ban
Special awards to be given annually for:
  • Respect and good conduct
  • Demonstration / performance
  • Trainee instructor
  • Class of fighter

President and Director Grandmaster Massan Ghorbani